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Dash posts a photo of some things that I'm thankful for

9:15 AM on 11.22.2012 // Scarecroodle

Yeah, yeah, yeah, family and friends are great, too.

As collectors, we often obsess about the next big, great thing on the horizon, often forgetting about the awesome stuff we've bought.

Dash / Collector-ActionFigures posted a photo (taken by their Community Manager, Corey Tincher) of a heartwarming scene involving Thundercats Classic Lion-O and MotUC Battle Cat. Both characters were childhood favorites. Battle Cat was easily among my most cherished childhood toys and Thundercats might have been my favorite childhood cartoon. Just a few years ago I would have thought it inconceivable that we'd see a Battle Cat figure of such superb quality and, well, a Lion-O figure at all. Yet no sooner did I have them in hand was I wondering when they'd get around to making Panthor and Panthro (and obviously Sorceress and Cheetara, but their names don't have the same ring). In short, I was quickly forgetting the items I had in-hand.

Sometimes it's important that we take a moment out and have a closer than usual look at our collections to reflect upon which items we were ecstatic to see in figure form. Lion-O was an excellent attempt on Bandai's part to give fans of the classic Thundercats figure some great, new merchandise. While the line may have failed twice over, at least we'll always have Lion-O and Tygra. And Lion-O again and Mumm-Ra in the 6-inch scale. He-Man fans are even luckier because the MotUC line is projected to have at least another few years of life in it and, to top it off, they're even getting a Castle Grayskull. But remember that's in addition to a wealth of figures in recent years and I know I'm happy to own Battle Cat, Beast Man, Battle Ground Evil-Lyn, and many others.

So I ask you, dear Tomopals, are there any figures that you're particularly thankful were made?

[ Dash / Collector-ActionFigures Facebook ]

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