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Darth Maul seeks his vegeance in this Sideshow Exclusive statue

12:00 PM on 10.23.2011 // Chris Pranger

I, much like Rio, love Darth Maul. She mentioned it just last week. I mentioned it a few months ago (and still haven't recovered from the amount of money talked about there). I have reason to mention it again with an extremely awesome statue from Sideshow Collectibles that's currently in stock called Darth Maul with Mechanical Legs. I...did not know that was a thing, but I am filled with excite.

For me, it's all about the colors. Red and black are very powerful colors that make just about anything pop, but when put together like you see on Darth Maul, wow. That happens again here, but with a twist. Apparently, in a few What If stories from the Star Wars universe, Darth Maul didn't die after getting vwinged in half by Obi-Wan and somehow had his lower half rebuilt, but with robot legs. Freaking sweet!

This is a very large statue, especially considering the dynamic pose of the character. It stands 24.5 inches tall and weighs 10 pounds, but what you'll probably notice the most is the glowing dual lightsaber. That and the crazy horns. Oh, and also the robot legs. It's rare that I encourage the Sideshow Exclusive version over the standard, but here's the exception as the Exclusive version has an alternate screaming head, an expression that feels more suited for this particular character.

The statue is in stock now and goes for USD$334.99 for the Sideshow Exclusive version and USD$324.99 for the standard. I say for got it. Any takers?

[order now at Sideshow Collectibles: Standard | Exclusive]

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Chris Pranger,
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