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Dark Horse has your classic Spider-Man right here

5:00 PM on 09.21.2011 // Chris Pranger

Those of you who really want to get jealous of me, be aware that I live about seven minutes down the road from Dark Horse Comics. I can drive over whenever I want and look at all their fabulous things and even walk right in and be asked politely to leave as I have no business in there. Because of this, I can't help but love Dark Horse and all they do, specifically when it comes to merchandising things like nobody else. Today, they just so happen to have Spider-Man ready for purchase as a snazzy collector's statuette. Have you bought one yet? Well here's why you might want to.

Spider-Man has sort of got away from everyone these past few years, what with making a deal with the devil to be unmarried, having his movie franchise forcibly rebooted, and even dying and being replaced by a black kid (which is awesome by the way). Dark Horse is stopping all your worries though and reminding you of the good old days with the Classic Marvel Characters #1 Spider-Man Statuette. Thwip thwip and I'm pleased.

Swinging in at only US$49.95, Spider-Man is a modest 5 and a half inches tall and limited to a strict 2000 piece limit. However, that cash doesn't just get you a simple-yet-elegant Spider-Man statue. Nope, you also get a character booklet, a Spider-Man pin, and a collectible tin to help you keep it safe. Maybe I just like the classic Spider-Man costume with the underarm webs and such, but I'm very happy with the way this turned out. A lot of that also has to come down to the simplistic nature and seemingly antiquated style of the statue. I mean, doesn't it just look like it's sort of old, but in a good way? Like you found this in your grandpa's closet or something?

I'm pretty sold on this and can't wait to see the next in the line. You can order this at Things From Another World right now if your sense of responsibility is great enough.

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Chris Pranger,
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