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Damon Lau of Round 5 MMA talks toys at the UFC Fan Expo

9:00 PM on 09.02.2010 // Matthew Kaplowitz

This weekend, the UFC Fan Expo hit Boston, and I was there to document all the madness! Beyond the fighters, my main interest was the toys!

Round 5 MMA was represented at the show, along with their exclusive three-pack set with UFC announcer Bruce Buffer, and I grabbed the owner of the company, Damon Lau, to discuss the newest figures that are hitting store shelves as we speak and in the near future! If you have not seen Round 5 MMA's figures before, we did a positive review of UFC Collector Series Wave 2 not too long ago, which included figures of Randy Couture, Kimbo Slice, BJ Penn and Tito Ortiz. They really are a great way of combining UFC & sports collectibles with the stylized vinyl collecting community!

Hit the jump to see the vid and learn more about what Round 5 is offering later this year!


Matthew Kaplowitz,
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