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D-Arts Terry Bogard is great, his website is even greater

11:00 AM on 07.24.2012 // Andres Cerrato

We saw D-Arts Terry Bogard live at SDCC and then his official announcement last week. Tamashii Nations is building the hype for him rather well with a special King of Fighters D-Arts page that launched today. This is honestly the greatest promotional page for a figure I've seen, bar none. Nothing beats this site except maybe the figure.

The figure itself is based off the new improvements that Bandai has made to its human figure mold. Since Terry will need to be posed in a variety of ways, the figure has been improved for that. You will get just about everything to complete your King of Fighters matches. He can pose amazingly well and comes with effect parts for the Power Geyser, Burn Knuckle and Power Wave. The detail put into the figure is staggering with it going down to the shoes.

If you need proof, please check the website. If you were ever a fan of the King of Fighters franchise, just go to it. The page features the BGM from the game and when you hover your mouse of the various images of Terry, they will spit out one of his catchphrases. If you click on the BGM to be on/off, the select sound will play. Just enjoy what they put into this site.

For the rest of your D-Arts Terry Bogard needs, check out the gallery below. Also, YES!, he does come in November for 4,410 yen.

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