D-Arts Terry Bogard and Izanagi are now go for pre-orders

9:00 AM on 08.01.2012

Andres Cerrato

Associate Editor

Okay! For those who have been eagerly waiting for your chance to get your orders in for D-Arts Terry Bogard and Izanagi no Okami, you're in a good place today. In what begins a slew of pre-orders today for Bandai and its Tamashii Nations imprint, you can order both of these D-Arts right now.

With the official images now ready, it's looking quite good for these two. Terry looks great, extremely poseable and well-deserving of your money. Izanagi is great if you're a Persona fan. He's a cool design, sure, but I haven't progressed far enough the game where I have to him. I thought for sure he would be destined for the Tamashii Web shop, but he's getting a normal release where any one can actually get him.

Both of these items are due for arrival in November. D-Arts Terry Bogard will cost you a retail price of 4,200 yen while Izanagi no Okami will run you 3,800 yen. Any of you adding these to your hellish November hauls?

[Pre-Order D-Arts Terry Bogard at AmiAmi | Hobby Search]
[Pre-Order D-Arts Izanagi no Okami at AmiAmi | Hobby Search

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