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D-Arts Charizard may convince you to catch 'em all

5:00 PM on 12.28.2012 // Andres Cerrato

I apologize for the terrible use of catch phrases in advance

With the first D-Arts Pokemon release coming this March in the form of Mewtwo, you still need to build your team of 6. April will help you along that route with the addition of D-Arts Charizard. With the design of Charizard in particular, it didn't feel like there was too much that could be done in terms of decent articulation. As it turns out though, the folks at Tamashii Nations have done just fine.

What stands out here is how well they've managed to incorporate the articulation. The neck doesn't look awkward as one might expect and the arms are about what you'd actually expect. The wings are pretty much perfect and lend themselves to quite a few possibilities. I'd love to do flying poses, but I need to see if there's going to be an included stand to make these happen. What really does lure me in are the fire effects. The tail fire looks like it would never be in a position to go out and the flamethrower effect part is great, though again I wonder about how to get it into position.

In order to get your hands on Charizard, you'll be waiting to until April and paying ¥3,990. As great as Charizard is, it makes me want other Pokemon more, especially a Gyarados and Dragonite. I like my dragons, so make it happen Tamashii Nations.

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