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Hasbro hasn't stopped to take a breath

Con season is definitely in full swing right now having been kicked off by San Diego Comic Con and Wonder Festival 2016 Summer last weekend, but they're not the only events this month. Over in Shanghai, China Hasbro just held Cybertron Con 2016, their biggest Transformer event in Asia that many believe will be replacing BotCon in the USA next year. Originally I thought Hasbro minimized their SDCC reveals so they'd have something to show at New York Comic Con later this year, but in fact it seems they were actually saving stuff from Cybertron Con instead. 

At their reveal panel they took a little jab at all of the recent leaks by writing "LEAKED from CYBERTRON" on all of their slides. Nice to see Hasbro has a sense of humor about this even if they're likely angry on the inside. The biggest reveal to actually find its way onto the display case was an updated Leader class Six Shot that looks almost exactly like the original toy from 1987 if just as little bit smaller. He still retains five of his original modes of robot, tank, car, and spaceship, but his gun mode has been flipped over and is now being called a "submarine" and there was also mention of a battle station mode, but on the slides they used that label on the tank mode and used the car mode a second time for the tank mode. So he's a little more like "Seven Shot" now. His Titan Master is named Revolver which has a bot mode made to look like Jack from the Headmasters cartoon, whom Six Shot killed. Creepy. Also as a reference to his Headmaster cartoon days as a ninja he sports a headband under his helmet with the kanji for six on it. This is going to be a must-have figure. 

Not to be dismissed, however, is a new Voyager class Optimus Prime to counter the Megatron figure shown at SDCC. This one is meant to reflect his G2 appears as Laser Optimus Prime complete with sword and tanker truck alt mode. He also has a fueling jet mode that's definitely an after thought, but certainly seems to confirm the theory that this figure will be remolded into Octane/Tankor later on just like Megatron is expected to see a second life as Blitzwing. Interesting enough his partner Titan Master is named Diac and is modeled off one of the mini robot figures that came with Diaclone figures in the pre-Transformers days. 

Just in time for the anniversary of the original animated move we're also getting an updated Hot Rod to go with the currently released Blurr and Scourge in the Deluxe class. It's a fine looking figure, though I can't say I'm a huge fan of the all the rounded edges. There's just something very soft about his car mode. Robot mode looks good even though his arms are a little long. His Titan Master partner is Firdrive, based on his G1 Targetmaster partner Firebolt with a new name for trademark reasons.

Moving on to the three smallest reveals. One of the most anticipated figures to be rumored in a while is Insecticon Kickback making his Legends scale debut. He's going to look great with the previous releases of Shrapnel (released as Skrapnel) and Bombshell, even though he sports a Titan Master cockpit unlike the previous two. On the Titan Master single releases we have Ptero and Fangry. Like how Clobber features Dinobot Grimlock's head, Ptero features Swoop's head and comes with vehicle that turn into a robot pterodactyl, some sort of craft, and a weapon. Fangry is based on the original 1988 Headmaster of the same name and features a vehicle that can change from winged werewolf to dragon to what I believe is an ax or maybe some sort of gun with wings. 

Finally, Hasbro also delivered a sneak peak at an unpainted Titan Class Trypticon. This is a reveal that everyone has been waiting for and it looks like it's everything we've been hoping for. The full reveal probably wont come until NYCC (along side some other figures that have been rumored). The detailing alone is super impressive and the hints at scale make for one imposing monster. Please don't let us down, Hasbro, you've really raised on expectations high!

On a side note, as part of the Platinum Edition line Hasbro is releasing the repaint of Unicron that was an Amazon exclusive back in 2011. The figure itself appears to be unchanged, but expect the price to more than double when he's released soon. 

[via Seibertron, @52toys (Weibo)]

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