Customizer shows of Blackest Night POP Vinyls

6:00 PM on 01.03.2012

Pedro Cortes

Features Editor

This is a bit old, but I can't help but post some nice Green Lantern-related customs. Back in September, Nico Deacosta of  Likhang Pinoy Customs showed off photos of several repainted Hal Jordan Funko POP! Heroes. Those familiar with DC's Blackest Night story from back in 2009-2010 will recognize the different corps of the emotional spectrum which were a major part of said event. Deacosta did a pretty awesome job making each Hal look just right. I particularly dig White Lantern Hal, though Black Lantern Hal comes in at a close second.

While I have never been fond of Jordan, I am fond of the Funko POP! line and their interpretations of characters. They also seem to be great for custom work, which personally makes me excited. I'd like to see other artists like Deacosta take a crack at the other POP! vinyls and go wild. Who would you like to see get some custom love?

[via Likhang Pinoy Customs]

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