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Custom Made Monday: The D is silent

4:00 PM on 02.18.2013 // Brian Szabelski

This week's rollcall is a little shorter, but just as impressive

Welcome back again to Custom Made Monday, our spotlight on things going on in the world of custom figures. This week's rundown is a little bit shorter than last week's, but it's also just as impressive. In part, that's because we have some great custom action figures on display, as well as a figma or two, and of course, a few vinyl figures.

So who's customized what, and just who is that familiar looking face in the header? Hit the jump to find out!

Djeadpool by PackRat Studios

As we normally do, we start with our header figure, a new custom from PackRat Studios. Taking inspiration from Django Unchained and more so the Django films that came before it, PackRat have merged the movie character with the Merc with a Mouth. Djeadpool is a totally impressive figure: there's three different heads for it, including the masked and unmasked Bowen versions and another custom masked version. There's also a diorama backdrop for Djeadpool, and lots of accessories: a cowboy hat, katanas, tomahawks, rifles, cannon revolvers, and six-shooters.

The thing I like the most, though, is the coffin. In a clear homage to the original Django films (spoilers ahead), the coffin holds a Gatling gun that Djeadpool can make use of. Everything fits inside a custom-fitted briefcase carrying case, and looks super snazzy.

Best news? If you want him, go and bid on him. The auction ends Tuesday.

Usagi Yojimbo, Krang Android and Slash figures from PackRat Studios

We've also got some more Turtles customs from PackRat, including Usagi Yojimbo (created by legendary artist Stan Sakai and one of the Turtles' cross-over guests); Slash; and Krang's android body, version 2.0. Krang's android body looks the most spectacularly detailed, but man, that Usagi Yojimbo figure is spot-on. It looks less like a custom and more like an actual released figure.

Cotton Candy Munny (and other customs) from melodreama

There's also a few customs from melodreama to spotlight. Chief among those is the Cottom Candy Munny, a 4-inch version with a sweet treat in hand. Yum!

Taeko Kondo and Noriko Isobe figmas by Matsuzakaya Poru

If you're a Girls und Panzer fan, then here's two custom figmas to check out. Each one is based on a character from the series, and compared to their appearances in the anime, I'd have to say they're pretty spot-on. You can tell they're customs because the hair doesn't quite look the same as it does on figmas (it actually looks a little smoother sculpted), but I have to say I'm impressed with the finished product. Any of you wish these were actual figma and not just customs?

[via fg-site]

Captain Thor-Man by Nikejerk

Finally, in this week's shortened version, we take a look at Nikejerk's new superhero chimera. Using the Plastic Booty Thor resin figure as a base, and asked to combine Thor, Captain America and Iron Man into one figure, Nikejerk did just that. The helmet, face mask, left arm and head are all new sculpts by Nikejerk, and magnets hold most of those new pieces in place. The cape is also removable, if you'd like to see it, and there's an alternate left arm to display the piece with. Check out the gallery for a few other shots, and click here to browse through all the photos!

[That wraps up this week's installment of Custom Made Monday! If you have any customs you'd like to see featured, or just spot something that's eye-catching and fits the feature, be sure to e-mail us and let us know!]

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