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Custom Delights: The Ganmetall Celsius show customs

10:00 PM on 06.23.2010 // Tomopop Staff

A few days ago, we showed you some of the customs that will be at the Ganmetall Celsius show, and they really look amazing. Kuso Vinyl and Crewest Gallery have teamed up to put on the Ganmetall Celsius custom show, which is now the second Celsius custom show, and this one looks even better than the first! Over the last few days, quite a few more customs have been posted online, and they're looking even better than the ones we showed you so far, if that's even possible! We've got new customs from Itokin Park, Leecifer, Rsin Art, Luke Chueh, and many more!

In this post we'll take you through 10 new customs, so hit the jump and let's get started!

First up is Rsin Art who came up with this awesome futuristic warrior. I really like the sculpting of the gun, on the back of the hands, and on the helmet. The altered placement of the wings is also a unique touch and really comes across nicely here. That helmet, though, is just so beautifully done! The gold paint on both the visor and the helmet itself really shimmer and help this piece stand out from all the rest.

Pocketwookie brought us back to 1984 with his custom. This b-boy Celsius custom comes with a dancing mat and a boom box to complete the 80s experience; he's all ready to jam to some Run DMC! I really like the clean lines on his face and turning a Celsius into a b-boy is a crazy leap to make, but Pocketwookie really pulled it off nicely.

Keithing added another piece to his Aqua customs line which features pieces in his aqua blue color scheme with bite marks on them. I really like the blues used on this Celsius as they're quite pretty and really make the piece pop. As usual, Keithing delivers with a crisp, clean custom.

Luke Chueh isn't one to make customs usually, but he made one for this Celsius custom show! Luke's staple blood red paint makes an appearance here and contrasting against that gunmetal grey, it seems to really pop out. While it may not seem like he did much to this piece, I still feel like he brought his ability of making powerful pieces through minimal detail.

Chauskoskis brings us a tribute to one of his favorite cartoons, Hanna-Barbera's Birdman! As usual, Chauskoski's impeccable sculpting skills are on full display here as can be seen in the amazing wings, the addition of the adorable bird, and the iconic mask. Chauskoski's really hit it out of the park with this one and offered up a custom that will be one of the best at the show.

Follow the White Rabbit is an artist whom I'm not very familiar with, but her Celsius is quite beautiful. The clean lines, the broken heart, and the perfect symmetry are all wonderfully executed and makes this piece look like it came out of a factory. I also really like the addition of the calligraphy across and on the back of the head as it really adds something extra to the piece and ties it all together nicely.

Project Detonate is usually one to make ridiculously adorably cute customs, but for this Celsius show, he turned up the heat a bit and brought some fire with this awesome Megaman custom. The concept is great and the canon hand are all incredibly well executed, but personally, I feel like the face is just a tad odd for Megaman; he usually has a cuter face than this and I feel like Project Detonate could have pulled that off perfectly, but it's just a minor gripe.

Nebulon5 really impressed me with his use of a second set of wings, which really is a unique idea and reminds me of Gundams as well. The glossy paint and the perfect airbrushing lead to one shiny, powerful custom that really jumps out at the viewer and I really adore the colors chosen as they blend perfectly. While simple, this is definitely one of my favorites we've seen so far.

Leecifer seems to finish another custom every day, but he still somehow manages to pump out amazing art every single time. Leecifer's signature paint style is in full force on the wings and as usual, there's a big cartoony-yet-realistic face to this creature that bridges the gaps between creepy and cute flawlessly. Leecifer just keeps making amazing customs and I can't stop loving every single one of them.

Last, but certainly not least, is Itokin Park who brought his cute style to the Celsius platform. The face alone sold me, but the space suit that has stars and Itokin's iconic mikazukin character all over it in different poses just tie it all together perfectly. The airbrushing throughout is also something to marvel as he seems to just jump from color to color while having them all blend together to create one amazing piece that is hands down my favorite of the bunch.

If you want to see these all in person for yourself, be sure to check out the Ganmetall Celsius Custom Show at Crewest's Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles on July 10, 2010 where many of the artists will also be in attendance. Also, be sure to check out the gallery to see even more of these awesome customs! Which one is your favorite?

[via SpankyStokes]

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