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Custom Delights: Jfayala's Milk Tea with Boba

9:30 PM on 11.10.2012
Custom Delights: Jfayala's Milk Tea with Boba photo

Jfayala (a.k.a. Joseph Ayala) has tweeted about his newest completed custom. He's chosen one of Lunartik's Tea in a Cup figures, given it a bit of a makeover, and turned it into Milk Tea with Boba. Yep, it's Tea in a Cup turned into Boba Fett, complete with the little antenna on his Mandalorian helmet.

It is a big rough looking in some spots, which might be attributable to either the photo quality or the fact that Jfayala is still new to designer vinyl. But let's also be a bit honest here: if you're new to designer vinyl, it takes a bit of time to get everything down right. The one custom I did for the Omi show looks a bit rougher than this piece, for example. So here's hoping we'll see more from Jfayala in the future, because I think he's off to a decent start. At the very least, he's making customs of characters I really like!

Custom Delights: Jfayala's Milk Tea with Boba photo

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