Custom Delights: JeAA's Real-time Daydream Manipulation

You saw the teaser; now check out the full custom QiQi

9:00 PM on 01.08.2013

JeAA recently teased his custom QiQi for ToyCon UK 2013, and now, we have the final version of it revealed. Real-time Daydream Manipulation is one part QiQi (the little floating fellow behind the bigger figure) and one part 1/6-scale figure. The whole piece has a spooky, industrial theme to it, in part because that little dude floating behind the bigger figure appears to be defying gravity. Is this man trapped inside a world he has no control over ... or has he escaped reality through technology? Perhaps we'll have to hear a bit more about the story behind the figure first ...

It'll be on sale for US$800, which gets you the piece inside a custom box, an original painting on canvas and a printed poster. If you're interested in buying this piece, send Creo Design an e-mail. 

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Brian Szabelski