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Custom Delights: Gas Mask Rider is a scooter enthusiast

1:00 PM on 04.26.2010 // Joshua Hayes

Once again, artist Daniel Yu shows off a fantastic custom action figure. You might recall us mentioning his steam punk Munny custom a few weeks ago.  The work here is expertly detailed and crafted into a very unique toy. In my head, I never could picture something like this until I saw what it was. This character, entitled "Gas Masked Rider", was commissioned by a local collector and is done in perfect 1/18th scale. It is a figure of a man wearing a gas mask and button up vest, with goggles on his helmet, riding a scooter.

Epoxy sculpt was used to make the figure here, along with a Maisto 1/18th scale Vespa and a standard G.I. Joe figure. All the painting was done with acrylics. I'm always fascinated by the details that appear in custom figure creation. That transformation from one thing into another is really cool.

Here you can really see the caked on rust on the scooter. The sheer detail throughout the figure is very impressive. Highlights on the gloves and mask really shine well. Everything is delightful to look at, right down to the buttons on his vest. More photographs of the figure can be found on his Flickr page - be sure to check them out!

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Joshua Hayes,
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