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Custom Breaking Bad Dunnys rock

2:00 PM on 01.01.2013 // Pedro Cortes


Any time I can see something made in the visage of either Walter White or Jesse Pinkman, I do a little dance. After seeing Nikejerk3's custom Walt and Jesse Dunnys, you can bet that I'm doing quite the jig. Done on commission, Nikejerk3 says that the gas masks are an original sculpt that he molded together for the piece. Unfortunately, these are one of a kind, so you'll just have to oogle the pictures here or check out the rest of NikeJerk3's stream on Flickr.

I find it amazing that a show like Breaking Bad has inspired such wonderful art. I mean, it is fantastic and has some of the best performances I've seen on television, but it is pretty grim. It isn't exactly the type of show that leaves people happy and inspired afterwards. Then again, I'm of the belief that great entertainment can breed great art. What do you guys think of these customs?

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