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Cris Rose's newest Sprogs are pure lunacy

2:30 PM on 11.07.2012 // Brian Szabelski

Lunar Sprogs prototypes revealed; Edition A coming soon

Sprogs fans, listen up: Cris Rose has got some new resin robots on the way, the 3.75-inch-tall Lunar Sprogs! The newest additions to the Sprogs family are not quite the little guys their predecessors were: they're much bulkier with domed helmets, long arms and wide shoulders, build to be household robots in the harsh lunar environment. Not so sure why they need helmets ... robots don't breathe, do they?

In any case, there's four different styles to pick from, Rigadon (who has two eyes and a big chiseled jaw); Runcorn (the one-eye=d grumpy looking one); Rutherford (who is actually a two-eyed brain in a jar and robotic body); and Roemer (who has 18 eyes that allow him to see in 360 degrees). Each of the Sprogs will be slightly more expensive due to the bigger size at US$75, and we should expect to see Edition A soon. For now, take a look at all the prototype shots in our gallery, and let us know if you find yourself with a favorite.

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