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Crabby Bear's online pre-order starts tomorrow

2:30 PM on 12.04.2012 // Natalie Kipper

You had best hurry if you want one!

We had a chance to meet Crabby Bear at this year's DesignerConMartin Hsu's second plush collaboration with Lana Crooks was such a big hit that first batch of 10 pieces (there will be 30 total) nearly sold out. There are 2 spots left on the first 10, which have the added bonus of being shipped out before Christmas. Those 2 slots will be open to online fans starting at 12 p.m. Pacific on Wednesday, December 5. To order, one must email Martin at info[at]martinhsu[dot]com with the subject line reading "Crabby Bear!" The first two people to meet those requirements will be added to the pre-Christmas list. If you weren't one of those first two, don't fret; you'll be added to the next batch of 10 which will ship out on February 14, 2013. 

As I mentioned earlier, Crabby Bear is limited to 30 pieces. Each handmade plush comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity, signed by Martin and Lana. Crabby Bear costs US$85 plus US$12 for shipping within the United States. Yes, the price is a bit more than Puffer Puss, the previous plush in the Crakens line, but the design is a great deal more complex and time-consuming to make (which also explains the smaller edition size). I am proud to say I already have mine on pre-order and look forward to welcoming this gentleman into my home. 

In-process shots of the plush are on display here. You can also check out the gallery to see the finished Crabby Bear.

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Natalie Kipper, Associate Editor/Plush Guru
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