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Cowboy Bebop Play Arts Kai figures: the rumors are true

10:15 AM on 06.18.2012 // Andres Cerrato

Last week, you may remember that Brian and BeckyHolly brought word that Play Arts Kai would be including the popular Cowboy Bebop to figure form. While there were some skeptics, myself included, as it turns out the rumors have come true as Spike and Vicious are in fact coming to Square-Enix's figure line. While it may seem odd that a Sunrise, a studio with heavy Bandai ownership, would have a Play Arts Kai release, it's not unusual for either side.

Speaking for the figures themselves, I actually think the designs are perfect for Play Arts Kai. If there's one series that would actually make sense for their joints, it's Cowboy Bebop.  The first two releases will be none other than Spike Spiegal and Vicious. I'm surprised that Vicious is getting a release, but it's definitely a pleasant surprise. Spike will come packed with a pair of alternate hands as well as his trusty pistol. Vicious will have his sword, not to mention that bird. 

As for pricing, this may be the part that people hate. Each of the figures will cost you 6,800 yen when they are released this October. $80 for a PAK release plus shipping may just be a bit too much, even for the more dedicate Bebop fans. The U.S. pricing should be lower, but still seems rather high. The figures look great, but that price is certainly distressing. Are they worth it? Let us know in the comments.

[Images via Square-Enix Shop: Spike | Viscious]

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