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Coupon for a free Transformers Kreon in Sunday's paper

1:00 PM on 12.01.2012 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Plus a second coupon Kre-O coupon.

Free is good, right? Right. So even if you aren't much of a Transformers fan, but happen to have tomorrow's paper handy, it might not be a bad idea to make use of Hasbro's coupon for one free Transformers Kreon Micro-Changers figure. If you don't know what these are think of a LEGO man that can tun into a vehicle or whatever. You'll find them in the building block aisle with the Kre-O kits, usually in a display box on the shelf. They're blind-bagged, but if there's one you want specifically they do have unique serial numbers you can match up to each figure. Even if you don't want one you could always just toss it in a Toys For Tots or similar drop box. Of course they also make a good stocking stuffer! Hasbro says there's a second Kre-O coupon, but they didn't give specifics on that one so I guess it'll be a surprise. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure this coupon will only be found in news papers in the USA.

Jeremy Emerje Crocker, Associate Editor
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