Conan has nothing on Marvel Select's Hulk the Barbarian

4:00 PM on 06.16.2012

I imagine that it must be a challenge to reinvent the look for a superhero whom traditionally wears no costume. The most recent Marvel Select Hulk would no doubt feel at on Hyboria or Eternia. While I must profess ignorance to the story behind this look (supposedly it's something recent), it remains a neat variation on one of Marvel's most iconic characters.

Barbarian Hulk reminds us that the Hulk looks surprisingly cool with a beard. Otherwise there's not a lot to be said for this figure. Diamond Select Toys seemingly phoned this effort in, with a relatively lukewarm sculpt and articulation reminiscent of earlier entries. The only things keeping Barbarian Hulk from drowning in a sea of blandness are the nifty headsculpt (again, that beard), the kickass skull necklace (why did that ever go out of style?), and the loincloth.

If Barbarian Hulk does it for you, you can preorder him on BBTS for US$19.99. He's due out in December.

[ Pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store ]

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