Christmas Gizmo is ready to go under your tree

5:00 PM on 12.11.2012


Associate Editor

Not a creature was stirring, except maybe a mogwai

NECA's Toys "R" Us exclusive Christmas-themed "Santa" Gizmo is now available for order.

As previously reported, "Santa Gizmo" features a new headsculpt along with a trumpet and candy cane. I had assumed that the hard-plastic Santa hat would be removable, but apparently it's attached firmly to his head so you can't just take it off to make him non-Santa Gizmo for the rest of the year. It's more than a little disappointing, to say the least, especially since this head-sculpt is far cuter than the earlier ones.

I had originally expected that the figure to be priced between US$13 and US$18. The natural assumption was that it would fall closer to the US$13 price point used for the other mogwai figures but, annoyingly, it's currently listed as US$18 (or the same as a much larger Gremlin figure). I guess it wouldn't be the holidays unless you were overpaying on something. Although I'll still probably pick one up, I imagine that I'll wait to find it at retail given NECA's terrible quality control.

[ Order at Toys "R" Us ]

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