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Chibi Toro does Fate/Zero figma customs MF probably wont

12:00 AM on 01.22.2013 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

figma customizer extraordinaire Chibi Toro reveals one-of-a-kind custom figures of Lancer and Berserker.

When it comes to figma customs there's nobody better at it than Japanese figma master Chibi Toro. We're talking about someone that's so dedicated to perfecting super articulated figures at this scale he's even scratch-built his own bodies. He's also pretty awesome at making small props and dioramas. Recently he's even taken up sewing to really capture the look of clothes on figma. By comparison these two Fate/Zero customs are pretty easy work.

Lancer started as a Banpresto DXF prize figure with no articulation. Extensive part replacement took place including cannibalizing a figma Kamen Rider Spear (ironically) for the legs and some of the body (including the hidden hip joint covering) and a Revoltech Edward Elric for the neck joint. The addition of several other joints including ball jointed shoulders gave way to an incredible conversion from static figure to super articulated action figure. You'll notice he also repainted the eyes to give him a proper two. 

Berserker was less extensive, but still amazing. Also using a DXF prize figure as a base. Armor plates were cut off and reattached using joints and heavy wire. Joints were cut around the body armor and articulation was added in. End result is a figma-scale Berserker the likes of which we'll probably never seen from Max Factory.

Chibi Toro has done a number of other figures including some that Max Factory did themselves long after he did them first. A sample of these can be seen in the gallery, but you should really check out his blog for all of his work as well as photos of his travels to different otaku destinations and events.

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