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Chibi ninjas try to tempt you into buying Senran Kagura

9:00 AM on 12.09.2012

Chris Seto

Associate Editor

PS Vita installment of Ninja slashing game still provides 3D boobies! Sorta...

Hands up, who here owns a PS Vita? And out of those of you who answered yes, how many of you feel starved of quality games which fully utilise the systems abilities as opposed to using it as a glorified emulator? (U gave the sneaking suspicion that the answer to the second is near 100% if they answered yes to the first question...)

Well, I don't know if falls under "quality" gaming but for those who are interested, Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus (no, that's not a typo!) is scheduled to be released in late Feb next year and the ladies of the game are all raring to go and slash off all the clothes of their opponents ikkitousen or Queens Blade style!! And to try and entice you to pre-order the game, Marvellous AQL are also giving sets of chibi characters from the first two games as a bonus if you pre-order the limited edition set.

As for the game itself, I'm a little torn. All promo videos for the game so far show it as being very much like a dynasty warriors game, a type which I tire of very quickly, though the original 3DS games were side scrolling slashers. But at least you don't have to worry about any form of region locking. (Damn you Nintendo, forcing me to buy a JP 3DS just to play the wonderful Project X Zone!)

Still, if you're interested in the game and also want the limited edition bonuses, which include Illustrations and a drama CD, pop over to Amiami or your preferred importer to snag yourself a copy.

[preorder Amiami]

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