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Check out this awesome custom PSY figure

2:00 PM on 09.25.2012 // Brian Szabelski

Based off 1/6-scale Hot Toys body

Somewhere out there in this great big world right now, PSY's "Gangnam Style" is playing on a computer or smartphone or TV. It's not only taking the music world by storm, though, as we now have a custom 1/6-scale Hot Toys PSY to go along with it! Italy's Fabio Sergi is the man initially responsible for finding this awesome customization on the Internets, and what sells it for me is the head sculpt. Feel free to disagree, but that sure looks like PSY to me! The powder blue jacket looks pretty nice as well and it makes me wish I had one.

Since this is a custom, don't expect to be picking up PSY at your favorite retailer anytime soon, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't want one. What do you guys think?

[Mark Osr's Facebook page, via toysrevil]

[UPDATE: Slight correction made; Fabio found the figure but the creator is still a mystery.]

[UPDATE 2: Mark Osr has let us know in the comments that the creator is Hyehwa from BBICN! Awesome work, Hyehwa!]

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