Check out the Blamo Toys custom show recap

You might even be able to purchase some of the pieces!

6:00 PM on 01.03.2013

I always thought that Blamo's Hug would be a great platform for customization. Its simple shape seems welcoming to those with an artistic bent. I certainly wasn't the only one to think so because Blamo Toys recently finished up their 4th annual custom show, centering around the iconic 3 inch tall figure, over at Los Angeles' Toy Art Gallery. We previously previewed entries by Mikie Graham (member of Blamo and one of the show's curators) and Josh Mayhem but that was just a sampling of the 60-plus entries, some of which are still available for sale.

You can check out the customs available for purchase here. Each one of these handmade customs is one of a kind and the majority of them cost less than US$100. 


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Natalie Kipper

Associate Editor/Plush Guru