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Check out some of these awesome Pokemon goods!

3:00 PM on 01.09.2013 // Natalie Kipper

As seen on Etsy

Handmade Pokemon items are apparently one of my myriad weaknesses.  I made this discovery while perusing the pages of Etsy over the last couple of days. I am always astounded at (and jealous of) the skills people must have to make these amazing creations. After roughly an hour and a half of mesmerized staring and clicking, I bring three lovely examples of talented artists' goods for purchase. Each of these artists also have more Pokemon-flavored merchandise in their Etsy shop.

First up, we have Plushimi's Chubby Charmander plush (US$65). I love the face on this 12 inch fire-breather. Details include button-jointed arms, a hand-embroidered face, the ability to stand on its own, and the most darling little flame on its tail. The artist also has a Chubby Pikachu plush that is just as awesome. 

If plushes aren't really your thing, then Mel2Dalssa's realistic Sandshrew sculpture (US$75) may be more up alley. This clay masterpiece of gamer culture features glass eyes and is signed and dated by the artist. The artist notes that the Sandshrew is sculpted by hand, without a mold, and is one of a kind. If you fancy it, don't miss out on taking this ground-type home with you! 

And finally, we get to HeadBanditsStore's 3 piece set of evolution stone necklaces (US$50), perfect for showing off your love of the series. The stones included are the Fire, Water, and Thunder, each made out of resin with the elemental symbols suspended within. Alternatively, you can purchase necklaces individually via the artist's Etsy shop. Other stones, like the Moon Stone are available this way as well.

Have you spotted any amazing Pokemon items on Etsy or made some yourself? Share them in the comments!

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