Check out some hot axe-pole dancing courtesy of Empty's Amazon

Wouldn't want to see what she might do with a sword... or would I?

3:00 PM on 03.04.2014

Just when I thought these Dragon's Crown figures couldn't get any more hilariously tacky, Empty has come along and made a version of Amazon where she's pole-dancing on the handle of her giant axe. Classy!

While the concept seems absurd, Dragon's Crown has a well-earned reputation for being over the top which has been reflected in the collectibles based on the hit game. It's also a somewhat more interesting pose than the one Megahouse used for their Amazon. Empty's Amazon's thighs look every bit as gargantuan as the game images; this is clearly a woman who could break you. Interestingly, the size of her waist looks more sensible than other attempts as it's not just a pencil-thin midsection that looks like it would snap from the pressure between her massive thighs and heaving upper torso. The figure's pose may be tacky, but it actually looks pretty good.

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