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Check out Josh Mayhem's latest Gunny, Mundam Wing

8:00 AM on 02.16.2013 // Jon Wills

Josh Mayhem sent us some photos of his latest Gunny, Mundam Wing. The name alone makes me chuckle, however the name makes sense because a Gunny is made by fusing a Dunny to parts from Gundam model kits.

The Gunny, Mundam Wing has two sides to it. On the one hand its eyes look sort of fierce and upset about something, judging by the amount of weaponry on this Gunny I would not want to be its target. On the other hand it has this cute green primary color to it. The whole thing reminds me of Marvin Martian from Looney Tunes that I used to watch when I was a kid. This sort of nostalgia is definitely not a bad thing and I'm looking forwards to seeing more of what Josh creates in the future.

If you like what you see you should check out Josh Mayhem's blog to see more of his creations. Also if you want one of his Gunny's you’re in luck, because he is currently looking for commission work. Go here for information on how to contact Josh.

I think this is pretty cool stuff, but let us know what you think of this Gunny and Josh's work in the comments below.


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