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Charm personified: DollTi's Wizard of Oz figures

3:03 PM on 06.30.2008 // Colette Bennett

If my favorite expression on a toy's face is a vacant grin of delight, my second favorite by far is a contemplative, slightly sad expression (if you need a further point of reference, think of Wall-E as he pines over Eve in the recent Pixar film of the same name). These Wizard of Oz-inspired figures from Korean toymakers DollTi capture that emotion precisely, balancing on the perfect point between precious and poignant.

They are on Ebay for sale and come with several accessories, including headphones, a tiny cake, an oil cask and their respective weapons. Each stands 3.5 inches in height. You can score one for $180 and there are only three available of the Tin Man figure, so they are very limited. These definitely fall into the pricey category, but I can easily see why someone would drop the money on them. The expressions alone are reason enough.

[Thanks, Linz!]

Colette Bennett,
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