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Eco-Friendly Pv Watches?

There are numerous eco-friendly solar power timepieces on the market right now, however i have found out actually just about all expensive kinds like Citizen, Casio, while others of the sort. Eff...   more


Hello~~Welcome to my post~This is my first post!Have a good time!:)   more

#figurefridaychallenge - Open Challenge [+ July Event]

For this week, the topic is an . Feels a little early for the end of month open challenge, but the next Friday is the last of the month, just barely. As with every open challenge, feel free to ...   more

#figurefridaychallenge - Diversity

For this week, the topic is . Diversity is the spice of life.  Or in this case, diversity is all about Saber, mops, checkerboards, and cameras.  There's a plethora of ways to show diversity.  It...   more

#figurefridaychallenge - Dust

For this week, the topic is . Dust is the mortal enemy of the figure photographer.  Though if done right, it can actually be used for the power of good.  For this challenge, we're probably going...   more

#axchallenge - Anime Expo 2014 Figure Photography Challenge

For those who are attending (unfortunately I wont be one of them), Caloy Koy is to Figure Photographers as part of this week's #figurefriday. Basically the gist is to photograph your figures a...   more

#figurefridaychallenge - Hips

For this week, the topic is . Hips, some figures have them, others may not.  Leviathan has it in spades and is using it as a shelf for her tsukaima. Have fun! : Leviathan shot by Wayfinder: L...   more

Gift Sabers review and comparison

haXZM96dIvE Hey guys Finally completed the Gift saber set, and wanted to do something different from the regular. I really hope you enjoy this video. I spent a lot of time and effort making thi...   more

#figurefridaychallenge - Open Challenge [+ June Event]

For this week, the topic is an . The end of the month event deserves another open challenge.  Take your pictures or dig up something you were waiting to share and get to it.  Feel free to just p...   more

#figurefridaychallenge - Perspective

For this week, the topic is . Everything is a matter of perspective.  How you see things, especially in a photograph, is completely up to the photographer.  What are some interesting ways to giv...   more

Simpler times

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5076/14235191510_0abba61c07_z.jpg Oh man, I bought this guy the same day I got Boba Fett, and its been how many months since then? At least the debate about simpli...   more

Help identifying figurine? It was on Tomopop.

Hey, friends. Could someone direct me to a figurine (or two actually)? It's a pair of girls, covered in tattoo. It has a indie style, reminiscent of 3A in a way. Sounds familiar?   more

Ali Baba - Day at the beach!

So after I posted my review of Ali Baba, my sister expressed a desire to take her to the beach and shoot some photos. I said sure thing, and here we are! To see a few more photos and all of them...   more

#figurefridaychallenge - Single Light Source

For this week, the topic is . A suggestion from a favorite of a previous Open Challenge, this one by Francis Huang: http://goo.gl/pCPG3i I'm going to take liberties to expand it a bit and inste...   more

Kotobukiya Marvel Bishoujo Spider-Woman

Hello again!  This time I will review Kotobukiya's Spider-Woman of the Marvel Bishoujo line. Kotobukiya went with Jessica drew's Spider-Woman for this figure and it is my favorite design so I ha...   more

Rororina - 1/8 Phat! Company Review

I remember the first figure I bought that I didn't know. It was Kotobukiya's Rouna, and I couldn't resist her big floofy tail. Turns out that was a slippery slope though, and now I have quite a f...   more

#figurefridaychallenge - Dresses

For this week, the topic is . Let's differentiate them from skirts since we've already done that.  Something full length with top and bottom coverage.  The more flowy the better. Have fun! : S...   more

ArtFX+ Black Widow Review

Hello again!  This time I will be reviewing the 2nd release in the Artfx+ Marvel NOW line: Black widow! As I mentioned on my previews Artfx+ review of the Hulk, ArtFX+ is a line of 1/10 scale fi...   more

"Chatting time" Sonico - Review

Due to Alter delaying their Christmas Sonico, my very first figure of this pink-haired gal is a prize figure from Furyu! This is my first prize figure that I've preordered, and I have to say I've...   more

Kinda running out of space sale

Running out of space, so I figured I'd see if anyone wants to buy some figures. I'm not in any hurry to sell, so prices are basically what I would be happy giving them up for. Will only ship if y...   more

#figurefridaychallenge - Open Challenge [+ May Event]

For this week, the topic is an . An open invitation for your figure photographs.  Feel free to just take some pictures or associate them with a theme, which may end up as a future challenge :). ...   more

Katsuragi (Phat Company) modification

Hello y'all~ So my very first blog on here was about peoples opinions on modifying figures. And today I finally have a small mod to show everyone! I have some much bigger mods planned for some ...   more

#figurefridaychallenge - Yellow

For this week, the topic is . Yellow is a hard color to pin down.  Too light and it looks washed out.  Too strong and it just looks too bright.  You need to find that key reference on the figure...   more

#figurefridaychallenge - Photobomb

For this week, the topic is . Photobombing in real life is easy enough.  It's a spontaneous, unplanned (well, mostly) act.  But when it comes to figure photography, it'll require a lot more plan...   more

Celty Sturluson video review

Jo2p61-4ky8   more

#figurefridaychallenge - Sunset/Sunlight

For this week, the topic is . As they say, timing is everything.  When it comes to capturing a sunset, or dealing with sunlight, it's especially critical.  A few minutes too early or too late ca...   more

#figurefridaychallenge - Futomomo

For this week, the topic is . We'll go with the "thigh" interpretation of futomomo, as we've tacitly done the more provocative definition back during the .  It was a bit of a feat trying to find...   more

Well... scrap

You know, I actually wanted to write a short blog about the Animuc today, a Manga/Anime convention in Munich, which happens every year in April/May and which I attend since 2011, but since I was ...   more

Review: "Allie" Baba 1/7 by empty

Review time! An unexpected delivery came by today, and it was Allie Baba from Now her name is generally listed as "Ali Baba" but her box says "Allie" soooo we'll go with Allie for this review. ...   more

#figurefridaychallenge - Open Challenge [+ April Event]

For this week, the topic is an . Time to let the creativity flow.  Take some photos and share with us some of  your favorites.  Bonus points if you decide to associate a topic with them :). : h...   more

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