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S ice cream Chan . Jan 15

REVIEW - Super Action Statue OLD JOSEPH & IGGY (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

Let's take a look at Old Joseph & Iggy!   0

S ice cream Chan . Dec 31

REVIEW - Super Action Statue CAESAR ZEPPELI Ver. 2 (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

A review of Joseph Joestar's noble and selfless friend, Caesar Zeppeli!   0

S ice cream Chan . Dec 16

REVIEW - Super Action Statue KARS (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

And finally we have the big bad of Battle Tendency, Kars! The Pillar Man of light!   0

S ice cream Chan . Dec 15

REVIEW - Super Action Statue WAMUU (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

Let's look at the Pillar Man of wind!   0

S ice cream Chan . Dec 02

REVIEW - Super Action Statue ESIDISI (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

Let's take a look at the Pillar Man of fire!   0

S ice cream Chan . Nov 27

REVIEW - Super Action Statue PHANTOM BLOOD DIO BRANDO (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

He really does take villainy to an art form. Let's take a look at the Joestar family's greatest nemesis!(Sorry for all the mistakes in my reviews. Still playing around with presentation and getting into the groove of doing a continuous video. Thanks a bunch for watching!)   0

S ice cream Chan . Nov 20

REVIEW - Super Action Statue JONATHAN JOESTAR (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

Let's take a look at the original protagonist of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure!   0

S ice cream Chan . Nov 18

REVIEW - Super Action Statue STICKY FINGERS (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

For my very first video review I'll be looking at the Super Action Statue STICKY FINGERS figure from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! If you have any comments or suggestions about how I can make the review better, feel free to let me know. Hope you enjoy!(I apologize if I mumble or talk too quickly... I was pretty nervous!)   0

S ice cream Chan . Nov 11

Review: Dark Mist Decimus Hrabban Gothitropolis / Mythic Legions

Originally created as a Kickstarter project in 2013, Gothitropolis is a line of bird-themed fantasy action figures by Four Horsemen Studios, a figure design studio well-known for its work with major US companies like Mattel a...   0

Rahul Rai . Nov 05

Mahindra Mojo Review

It’s been almost four years since I heard its name for the first time, and every time it was mentioned I couldn’t help but think of the Austin Powers movie, The Spy Who Shagged Me, where the source of Austin’s sex appea...   0

Cornelius Roy . Aug 19

If you're an Avatar fans and noticed Chief Beifong figure on SDCC, the dream lives on. there's a banner labelled coming soon...


Jeremy Emerje Crocker . Aug 18

Weekly top sales are on an indefinite hiatus. My source,, abruptly stopped making regular postings including rankings. I'll resume whenever they do. :(


Niero Gonzalez . Aug 15

Testing Quickposts! You can now use Tomopop like Twitter


2-D . Jun 01

Wave 4 Amiibo Lucina Review

I don’t think we could have predicted the whole world going amiibo crazy with ridiculous mark ups by scalpers on “unicorn” rare amiibos. But when the quality of amiibo can fluctuate between Merth and n...   0

hayatak . May 28

Unblocked Games Place

Unblocked Games is the keyword created by “The student of the school”, Who busy on the study class room when they complete school work then all student want to play online games and type unblocked games, Or &...   0

aberandro . May 21

Fancy Pants Adventures World 1 Remix

Fancy Pants Adventures World 1 Remix Proceeds with this laid back convention, giving the entire first entrance a major joking re-try that is as amusing to play as it is hard to say. Utilize the Arrow keys to run, duck a...   0

moprhonauts . May 19

New Action Figures on Kickstarter

Morphonauts are a new line of custom action figures that are on kickstarter and just got picked as the staff favorite and is on the new and noteworthy page.  If you want to see a cool new line action figure check out the kickstarter page at       0

Niero Gonzalez . May 07


test   0

ShinJei . Jan 16

Orca Toys Black Cat Lucy Heartfilia gets painted

After 4 months since its announcement, we finally get to see the painted version of Orca Toy’s Lucy Heartfilia (which I’m not really thrilled about). The very first Fairy Tail figure announcement o...   0

ShinJei . Jan 03

MegaHouse wraps up Digimon line with remaining DigiDestined

Hop on the memory lane and prepare for a nostalgic ride because the most awaited announcement has already been revealed: fans will be getting a complete set of the DigiDestined with of course, their Digimon partners! Me...   0

ZORK . Dec 11


Okay, okay, I know, it's not a very creative name for I blog where I'll mostly talk about a Grimlock toy, but see, I bought this guy the same day I bought Super Smash Bros. for 3DS (which was early october), and now Supe...   0

CrowMaiden . Nov 13

Sonico "Okashi Zukuri Time" FuRyu Review!

Hey fellow Tomopeeps! I'm back for one of my loosely structured reviews! Today I will be looking at another of FuRyu's Sonico prize figures. My first one from them was their "Chatting Time" Sonico who was cute and worth ...   0

wilda . Nov 07

Alter The Muse of Range Murata 1/6 Figure Review

Hello Tomopop, I've returned for another figure review! Actually, I had planned to post this review months ago, but of course, there were delays with the release. In any case, I was very excited about this figure. Having...   0

Greatlandstander . Oct 26

Gilgamesh Nendoroid Video review

heya another video review, this time we have the nendoroid of the king of heroes. hope you guys enjoy       0

S ice cream Chan . Oct 19

Review: Joseph Joestar Super Action Statue

Created in 1986 by Hirohiki Araki, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's was one of the longest running series in Weekly Shounen Jump before it moved to a monthly release schedule in 2005.Jojo's Bizarre Adventure follows the descendant...   0

CrowMaiden . Sep 19

MegaHouse Elf - Custom Base

So! Here we go. This is my customization job on the Elf's base. The cone was hideous, so I put together my own thing. I went with a waterpond theme, as if nature had overtaken some ruins. WIPs can be seen here: Elf-Base-...   0

CrowMaiden . Sep 16

Rebecca P.O.P - Custom Outfit

Hello all! In the new One Piece arc, the Dressrosa arc, one character really stood out to me: Rebecca! I adore her character, except for one thing...Her outfit. I can't stand it. So when I pre-ordered her, I decided I wo...   0

Mogolina . Sep 13

Brace yourselves for some exciting Silent Hill news!

We're finally getting an awesome Pyramid Head action figure!  And guess what else?!  He's a figma!  I found out about this while browsing the Crunchyroll store.  Here's the link: http://www.crun...   0

figure438 . Sep 08

Bandai Saint Seiya Cloth Myth EX Aquarius Camus

Finally the last character of Saint Seiya Cloth Myth EX is now announced to be release in Dec-2014       Back in 2011 Bandai has started to release the brand new series of Cloth Myth EX, since th...   0


Extreme-Sets Launches ARENA PLAYSET Kickstarter

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> </head> <body> <p> [justify]Ever wondered what it would be like to take your figure collection to the next level by giving them an actual ARENA? [/justify] [j...   0

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