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8:00 PM on 04.04.2014

Tomocast 44: The most unfortunate spin

Welcome back to the Tomocast! Once again, I'm joined by Andres Cerrato and Rio McCarthy, back from the adventure known as life. Since the three of us have been in the same approximate area in the recent past, we're buzzing wi...

Pedro Cortes

9:00 AM on 03.19.2014

Tomocast 43: Dragon Dagger beatings

Welcome back to the Tomocast! Sorry for the delay folks, real life snuck out from its cage and proceeded to maul all of us. No matter, we're back with a brand new episode. I was joined by Andres Cerrato and Tianxiao Ma to tal...

Pedro Cortes

10:00 AM on 02.27.2014

Tomocast 42: Toy Fair 2014

Hey everybody, we're back with another episode of the Tomocast! For this episode, I'm joined by Andres Cerrato and Rio McCarthy to talk about our Toy Fair 2014 coverage. We discuss some of the better things to come out of the...

Pedro Cortes

12:00 PM on 02.12.2014

Tomocast 41: Wonder Festival 2014 Winter

Hark, what is that sound? Is that the wind traveling through the canyons formed by the rivers of time? Nay, it is the wondrous voices of the hosts of Tomocast! That's right folks, after an extended hiatus, Tomocast is back. T...

Pedro Cortes

9:00 AM on 11.05.2012

Tomocast 40: Gundam

SURPRISE TOMOCAST! Due to scheduling difficulties, I wasn't able to get a question post up. My deepest apologies, dearest Tomocast listeners. To make up for it, I brought on a trio of guests that will surely entertain you. To...

Pedro Cortes

12:00 PM on 10.03.2012

Tomocast 39: Erick Scarecrow

One of the things I wanted to do when I took over hosting duties for Tomocast was to try and get some special guests. Unfortunately, life and shiny things got in the way and I never got my stuff together. Luckily, I fina...

Pedro Cortes

9:00 PM on 10.01.2012

Tomocast 39: Erick Scarecrow records tomorrow!

Hello folks, it's time yet again for Tomopop's official podcast to record! Joining me is Kristina Pino and Brian Szabelski, along with special guest Erick Scarecrow from ESC Toy. We're going to be talking to him about his lif...

Pedro Cortes

9:00 PM on 09.05.2012

Tomocast is now on iTunes!

You've been asking for it for a while now, so I'm glad to announce that Tomocast is back on iTunes! You'll be able to reach the Tomocast page here, so go and leave us comments and ratings! For those of you that want older episodes, I'm going to start uploading old episodes soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Pedro Cortes

4:00 PM on 09.03.2012

Tomocast 38: Disney

After a couple of delays, we've finally got our Disney episode out! Listen as Kristina, Rio, Natalie and I ruminate about our memories involving the world's most famous mouse. We talk about our favorite movies, shorts and TV ...

Pedro Cortes

3:00 PM on 08.28.2012

[UPDATE] Tomocast 38: Disney records tonight!

[UPDATE: Due to internet problems, we had to push back the recording to THIS Wednesday. Be sure to get those questions in!] Hey there folks, it's time for us to record another a Tomocast and we need your questions! This episo...

Pedro Cortes

10:00 AM on 07.27.2012

Tomocast 37: Photography

[update: fixed the download link. Thanks Tian!] After a couple of technical difficulties, I'm happy to announce that episode 37 of Tomocast is out in the wild! This time around, we tackle photography, a subject that is near a...

Pedro Cortes

12:00 PM on 07.18.2012

Tomocast 37: Photography records tonight!

That's right folks, it's time for another episode of Tomocast! This time, our subject is going to be focused not on toys, but on how to photograph them. I'll be joined by our community manager Kristina Pino and Happy Soda's S...

Pedro Cortes