Castle Grayskull pre-orders make pricier return

Feb 11 // Scarecroodle

Consider the price jump a US$25 penalty for a late pre-order

Now with a prototype to show fans, Matty Collector has decided to re-open pre-orders for their new Castle Grayskull.... but you're going to pay an additional US$25 if you want to join this round of pre-orders.

Fans of the line will recall that the Castle pre-orders launched with a US$250 price point but only design sketches to show potential buyers (which is still classier than pitching to a movie studio with a movie script written on a napkin). Now that the actual product has been revealed at Toy Fair (and we totally have photos to show you guys, but we just left them in our jacket which we forgot in our friend's car), Mattel has re-opened pre-orders for everybody who loves Castle Grayskull but is deeply distrustful of artwork.

While US$275 is a steeper price than the already pricey US$250, it's still guaranteed to be cheaper the sale day price. This round of pre-orders runs from today to March 4th.

[ Pre-order at Matty Collector ]


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