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Castle Grayskull a go, pre-order target has been met

10:45 PM on 11.13.2012
Castle Grayskull a go, pre-order target has been met photo

For those of us who have been eagerly waiting all day for Mattel to finish "tallying" pre-orders and make an announcement, our patience has been rewarded with a confirmation that Castle Grayskull will indeed become a reality.

Mattel halted pre-orders earlier today with a notice that it was "tallying orders" and would let us know the results later in the day, citing a need to validate a "few very large orders" before they could be added to the count and advising readers to respond immediately if they received an e-mail. While I'm curious what constitutes a large order where a US$250 item is concerned, the source is a subject of even greater curiosity. Was it re-sellers of some sort putting in an order with the intention of making a profit down the road? Or was it fan super pacs trying to ensure that project was a go?

Whatever the case, I'm happy that things will be moving forward. Even if I don't end up buying a copy myself (because 2013 is shaping up to be an expensive year...), I still want to see what this thing will look like and now it seems like I'll have the chance. For those of you sick of the Castle Grayskull updates, you'll be granted a brief reprieve as the next major announcement will probably be the packaging artwork vote scheduled for Spring 2013.

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