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Carve out a place in your collection for Black Gold Saw

10:00 PM on 11.19.2012 // Emily Smalara

Max Factory - figma

Say whatever else you will about Black Rock Shooter, the Miku Hatsune-inspired franchise has always had a fantastic flair for style and design. The characters have lent themselves particularly well to the poseability of a figma, thanks to the series' penchant for high-action, battle royale fight sequences. Latest to the line from Max Factory is the TV series version of Black Gold Saw, complete with King Saw in hand.

Probably my second favorite character from the series in terms of aesthetics, the figma does a fantastic job at capturing the details of her flashy getup despite the tiny scale. I'm a sucker for both those low-slung pants as well as anything with wide-ended sleeves, so Black Gold Saw is right up my alley. While she also comes with an appropriately battle-crazed expression, I have to say I'm more a fan of her more reserved looks.

It's hard to even consider passing this one up, as if you're interested in the character there's probably a good chance you've already added previous BRS figma to your collection. Fans looking to expand will be able to pick Black Gold Saw up in March for the usual figma price of around ¥3,620.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | J-List ]

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