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Capture these new official TFP Beast Hunters images

1:00 PM on 11.30.2012

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Associate Editor

First official images since the big announcement at New York Comic Con 2012.

Back in October at New York Comic Con we got our first big look at the third season of Transformers Prime subtitled Beast Hunters. Now Hasbro has put additional images of the actual figures (no Photoshop touch-ups) out into the wild and we get our first good look at Predaking's bot mode courtesy of Big Bad Toy Store!

So let's start with the big guy, Predaking! He's a Voyager scale three-headed dragon similar to Scourge from Transformers: Cybertron, but with a much more involved transformation. The bot mode images show that his legs are made from the body rather than simply standing on the rear dragon legs like Scourge, the dragon legs themselves are folded neatly inside. His articulation looks to be complete, even including the often overlooked bicep swivel that can easily make posing arms useless. His wings look good resting on his back and the smaller dragon heads can be removed and held as guns. Overall this looks like a real winner and a must have for fans of figures with beast modes like me.

Moving on to the deluxe scale we see the same familiar figure we saw at Comic Con. Bumblebee, Wheeljack, and Soundwave appear to be heavily retooled versions of their original deluxe counterparts, but their appearances are so different (especially with Bee and Wheeljack) they may as well be new figures. Soundwave now comes with Ravage which doubles as a chest plate, he's also the first figure to have a major paint overhaul, apparently based on his 2003 Universe figure. The only entirely new figure here is Lazerback, a mean looking creature with big arms and sharp claws. He reminds me a little of a G1 Firecon, I smell a repaint!

Finally we've got three new Cyberverse figures. Commander scale Bulkhead gets a new Beast Hunters makeover, complete with spiky armor and a new helmet that looks like it came straight out of Skyrim. He's traded in his wrecking ball for a giant battle ax which can double as a canon. Legion scale Smokescreen is an entirely new figure, based on a character who played a big part in the events of season two. It's nice to see Hasbro isn't totally overlooking him, but it would be better if we got the deluxe figure that Japan is getting. They're also making a Legion scale Airachnid, another figure that should have been made outside of the Beast Hunters line and we should probably be happy is being made at all. Sad part is this is the second Airachnid figure and they still haven't made one that turns into her spider mode. For good measure there's also a Legion scale Bumblebee included in his new Beast Hunters armor. He's shown here with the same weapon as Airachnid, but that's probably a mistake. 

There are also listings for both Cyberverse Commander and Voyager scale versions of Optimus Prime, but Hasbro isn't quite ready to unveil him yet. You can either pre-order these for a January release right at Big Bad Toy Store or at TFSource.


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