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Capcom: Morrigan Aensland  

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Capcom announces a figure of Morrigan from Darkstalkers

4:15 AM on 05.08.2014
Capcom MorriganCapcom announces a figure of Morrigan from Darkstalkers photo

While it's never been a perennial favourite on the level of Street Fighter or Tekken, Capcom's monster themed 2D fighter Darkstalkers has maintained a loyal cult following over the years. In particular leading lady Morrigan Aensland has become something of a Capcom icon, for reasons I'm sure are entirely unrelated to being a busty succubus.

Fans are bound to be pleased then that Capcom has revealed they're making a new scale figure of Morrigan. We don't have any images aside from this rather striking piece of promo art yet, but there are a few interesting details. Perhaps most encouraging is that this new Morrigan will be sculpted by Takeshi Hamasaki, who was also responsible for Max Factory's highly regarded 2009 version. Unusually, there's also a price and release date - she'll be ¥9,200 and arrive this September.

Obviously we'll have to see a sculpt before passing any sort of judgement, but this is pretty great news for fans of the character and franchise. I'm personally interested to see who Capcom is working with to make this happen - Good Smile seems to be taking a lot of these sorts of jobs recently. More details as we get them, but does this pique your interest guys and gals?

[ via Capcom ]

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