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Can't visit the opera in Sydney? Lego's got you covered

2:00 PM on 02.28.2012 // Emily Smalara

Here's a bit of an unexpected surprise! For me, at least. Despite my love for Lego, I had no clue something called the Architecture line was even a thing, rather than one or two occasional models. In this case, we've got a look at one of the upcoming releases for this year, an adorable replica of the famous Sydney Opera House.

While Lego's huge models with thousands of pieces are always stunning, there's equally something to be said for such a tiny model that still captures exactly what it's supposed to represent. Coming in at just 270 pieces, it'll set you back a pricey $40 USD, proving Lego still can charge out the nose and still keep addicts crawling back for more. In which case, you'll be wanting to keep an eye out for the upcoming Big Ben and Korea's Namdaemun Gate, too.

[via Gizmodo]

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