Buy 2 of Hasbro's AT-ATs from Toys "R" Us and get 1 free

8:00 PM on 09.20.2012 // Scarecroodle

Even I think this is crazy

Until the end of this week, Toys "R" Us is running a buy two, get the third free promotion on a few prominent toy lines. While there are many things to choose from, perhaps the most interesting possibility lies within using the promotion for Star Wars items and none more so than on expensive vehicles like the AT-AT.

While army-building has always been a core perk of the 3.75-inch scale, army-building with vehicles has generally been a cost-prohibitive practice. However, with this sale, you're effectively paying 66% of the normal cost per vehicle. An AT-AT is usually US$130 (price may vary at retail) so you'd be getting the three of these magnificent AT-ATs for US$230 or a "mere" US$77 each. Plus they seem to qualify for free shipping in the US. Have I mentioned that the AT-ATs make lovely lawn ornaments during the holiday season?

Bear in mind that the biggest issue (besides price) is storing these approximately 24-inch tall by 28-inch long behemoths. Then again, since each AT-AT can store around 20 Star Wars figures (as well as the speeder bikes they come with) they at least partly compensate for the space they take up. And I'm sure that feature would doubtlessly come in handy when you have no room to display your army-builder troops because you bought three AT-ATs. Of course, for a slightly more sane option,  I should mention the significantly smaller Y-Wings are available for US$40 each (meaning you'd effectively pay US$27 each when you buy 3). Those you could just hang from your ceiling or something, as opposed to the AT-ATs which you might end using as night-stands, coffee tables, and ottomans.

If you've taken leave of your senses, be sure to order three of Hasbro's AT-ATs for the price of two today!

[Order at Toys "R" Us]

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