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Bunny Charlotte springs her way to a re-release

2:00 PM on 12.06.2012 // Emily Smalara

Kotobukiya - 1/7 Scale

Last Spring we brought word of Koto's attempt at joining the ever popular bunnygirl ranks with Infinite Stratos' lovely and perky Charlotte Dunois. It shouldn't come as a surprise that such a popular character sold well enough to get a new run, and sure enough, Koto's set to re-release her this coming May.

I have a weakness for bunnygirls in general, but Koto's Charlotte is certainly near the top. I've said I prefer the traditional black costume, but Charlotte manages to pull it off in blue, and that perky pose is a nice change from the more mundane norm with these kinds of figures. The addition of a whole horde of actual bunnies clinging to her and scampering around is just the icing on the sexy cake!

As before, she'll set you back about ¥7,800, but it seems like a small price to pay for one of the better bunny options I've seen around

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan ]

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