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BREAKING: Bandai Sailor Moon figures are happening

2:03 AM on 10.25.2012 // Brian Szabelski

Shots fired in the poseable figure wars

Surprise: the biggest announcement from Tamashii Nation 2012 has come one day early. Bandai has the Sailor Moon license and they're going to be dropping a poseable Sailor Moon on us. Now, to be honest, I'd heard recently that this was possible pending licensing issues being sorted out, but that looks to be the case, folks. So yeah, all that wishing you've done has come true.

No word yet on pricing, a release date or such, or even which line it's a part of yet (S.H. Figuarts or D-Arts), but I would suspect it'll be 2013 since we appear to have at least a colored prototype. Whether or not we get the rest of the main senshi/scouts probably depends on sales ... my gut feeling is that won't be a problem.

[via Bluefin Tamashii Nations US Facebook]

[UPDATE: Just tweaked the headline a bit because, as also noted by MyFigureCollection, there appears to be a Chibi Arts Sailor Moon hiding in the background! So looks like two figures at least!]

[UPDATE 2: We're hearing some rumors about the other Inner Senshi/Scouts being announced, too. We've reached out to Bandai and Bluefin to confirm this.]

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