BotCon 2016: Transformers exclusives


Lots of wants here!

It's a little earlier than usual, but BotCon is here once again! As usual the annual event's first day starts with the official reveal of all the exclusive goodies. They've been super ambitious with the offerings this year, though I do think the they came up a little short with the Dawn of the Predacus box set only having five figures. But for the right money they've got some solid picks. Check these out:

-Dawn of the Predacus box set --

  • Seaclamp (Combiner Wars Scattershot retool)
  • Cicadacon (CW Skydive repaint)
  • Ramhorn (CW Brawl retool)
  • Tarantulas (CW Rook retool)
  • Ravage (CW Breakdown retool)

-Attendee bonus: Terrorsaur (CW Air Raid retool)
-Golden Ticket figure: Flash Sentry (CW Shockwave retool)
-Custom Class: Ratchet (CW First Aid retool) with five possible varations --

  • G1 Cartoon Ratchet
  • G1 Comic Ratchet
  • G2 Ratchet (new concept)
  • Shattered Glass Ratchet
  • Medix (IDW comic character)

-Souvenir Megatron (Robots in Disguise 2001 Megatron retool)
-Souvenir Reflector three-pack (CW Shockwave retool) --

  • Viewfinder
  • Spectro
  • Spyglass

-Souvenir Airrazor (Takara Tomy Legends Slipstream)
-Souvenir Tigatron (box set Ravage repaint)
-Souvenir Unit-3 (CW Streetsmart repaint)
-Megatron's rubber duckie

Plus there were other things like glasses, shot glasses, cards, and comics. Megatron is a phenomenal looking figure, there's little surprise why they called it the centerpiece of the souvenirs. Airrazor is also a surprise since that particular mold has only been used in Japan thus far. The reflector three-pack is notable because they can actually be combined to make something resembling a Cybertronian camera. This was actually rumored to be coming as a regular retail set, but maybe that one will have the original toy's red, blue, and purple colors instead of the cartoon colors seen here.  Another special item is a sticker sheet that can be used to convert Combiner Wars Silverbolt, Prowl, and Ironhide along with Tigatron and Unit-3 into Magnaboss, Predacus' rival. 

All in all we're off to a good start. Unfortunately this will be Fun Publication's final year hosting BotCon and handling the Collectors Club. In 2017 everything will be moving back to Hasbro who so far hasn't made a statement on how the club and con will be handled in the future. Hopefully we'll at least have lower prices. 

New figure reveals come Saturday!

[images via BotCon on Twitter / Facebook]

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