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Bootleg Hell: The Journey 2 further depths of hell

2:00 PM on 07.02.2012 // Andres Cerrato

I feel like I do this too often to myself. Am I being a glutton for punishment? Do I get some kind of sick satisfaction from looking at this stuff? It's all wrapped up into something horrible that I do every year. I go to these conventions, knowing that they're not very good. I go to see friends; at least I tell myself that's the reason.

What I saw this weekend was hell. Bootleg Hell. I saw things I saw last year along with a fresh crop of crap. For God's sake (and my own), someone made Dragon Ball AF bootlegs. Join me on my journey into hell after the jump.

Seeing bootlegs is sadly nothing new. I see the same ones from time to time (I'm looking at you Nendoroid L!) Sadly, they just come out each year in greater numbers. Booths continue to do it, whether out of ignorance or just plain greed, they prey upon unknowing, zealous consumers.

One of the bootleg trends is now fixed-posed Nendoroids. They will take the various expressions and parts to use as a single figure. You can see those here with the HMO Miku as well as the Kagamine twins above. 

The same is the case here with the Black Rock Shooter, Sebastian and Ciel Nendoroids. I would say that the Ace figures above are probably bootleg, not to mention the jewelry to the right. I've always wanted that watch from Soul Eater! Shame it doesn't actually exist. I'm also of the assumption that the "NO TOUCHING" sign is there to prevent the figures from falling apart, rather than theft.

Here they're actually trying to pass off the fakes as Nendoroids. The exclusive Racing Miku Nendo that required a sponsorship of Good Smile Racing was just US$29.99! What a bargain!

Madoka isn't safe either as you can tell by the row of fakes here. Kyuubey won't be pleased with this whatsoever.

Those Miku keychains seem legit.

I'm gonna be rocking these Black Rock Shooter and Hatsune Miku bags when I go back to school. I'm gonna be so BOSS this year.

This was the highlight (lowlight?) of the show for me. If you remember the early days of 00s, some kept chiming on about an upcoming Dragon Ball project called Dragon Ball AF. It was never real and really just involved palette swaps of the existing characters and larger hair. I cannot begin to count how many people thought this was real in my high school days.

Here in the flesh were figures from it. I have to admit, there's a kind of charm surrounding them. It's like the joke finally became real, if only to mock you. I wouldn't buy them, but there's a certain humor to having a bootleg figure of a bootleg anime series.

I think I'll end on a low note here. Have at this Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta. The only thing worse than this figure is the picture I snuck. There are some more horrors that I chronicled in the gallery. See you the next time I venture into Bootleg Hell. 

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