woodyxjessie4ever's blog

5:19 AM on 05.31.2013

my way into the world of toy story

when I got my Jessie it was amazing here's my  story
my mom said I could get Jessie but she was too much so I had to wait so wen I got her my dad had to get her out I was eating chicken at the time wen I was done my dad handed me her and I smiled at her and she smiled I was so happy at that moment and I couldn't be happier then I am wen i'm with Jessie I take great care of her I would never abandon her I leave on my bed whenever I leave wen I come home I rush to my room and pick her up and wen I take her with me in the car I take her hat and hold it while I hold her hand and im pretty sure Jessie knows I love her by now   read

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