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tears4dragons's blog

6:45 PM on 11.30.2012

Wait, what? Noooo....

So back a few months I had decided to go ahead and pre-order Momohime ( It...   read

3:43 PM on 08.23.2012

Monthly Megapixel: eBookin'

I had an idea that I was thinking about doing, but it involved going outside…yeah, that didn’t happen. I also did a book theme and I couldn’t settle on one picture, so you get three. And let’s see who knows what book she’s started reading :)   read

7:58 PM on 06.22.2012

Monthly Megapixel: Want a Snack?

This set-up took me longer than I planned…hence the late post. All the following pictures are of the same scene, the first one is of the big chaos and the other ones are zoomed in upon selected figures. I could come up with...   read

7:49 AM on 04.21.2012

Monthly Megapixel: This Song's for You

You can decide if ASSS Action made it or not…   read

11:14 AM on 03.30.2012

Monthly Megapixel: The Ides of March

I really need to stop putting these off until that last minute…though I do come up with some great ideas when I do (well, at least I think so XD) ~ ~ And the rest:   read

6:48 AM on 02.28.2012

Monthly Megapixel: Miku's Valentine

~ I had way to much fun with the captions…even though adding captions was a pain and took soooooo long to do. I think I’m getting better at it though! And here’s a link to all my (unedited) photos for this month:   read

9:45 PM on 12.28.2011

Monthly Megapixel: Santa Watch Party

Miku: Check over there! Sanji: I don't know where he would be. Random Dog: Woof! Nami: I can't find Santa anywhere! Skeleton: Santa won't come unless your alseep...have some booze to help you sleep! Everyone: Sure, why not...   read

8:02 AM on 12.21.2011

Santa Saturday

I had a hard time getting the hat to work with me (it won in the end), but I think it came out cute anyway.   read

10:56 PM on 11.26.2011

Monthly Megapixel: 'Tis the Season

‘Tis the season for… Cooking! OMG! Dishes! Hot chocolate! Yummy! Decorating! Caroling! Sharing the love with friends and family! You can see all the other photos that I took that didn’t make the cut in my photobucket account here:   read

3:04 AM on 09.30.2011

Monthly Megapixel: Hiring Teachers/Teacher Rejects

Well, better late than least that's what I like to think (some cases anyway). ~ Axel became the principal (I'm not sure who would hire him) and is looking for teachers...   read

9:32 AM on 08.29.2011

Monthly Megapixel: Pool Party

Well, I had taken these photos quite awhile ago before I came back to China. I wanted to mess with the photos to make them look like they came from a scrapbook...but sadly I kept putting it off. So you get plain pictures with...   read

6:44 AM on 07.29.2011

Tears4dragons Here

Guess it’s about time to do an intro post. I originally found Tomopop by a link a friend sent me, I forget exactly what was linked, but I then started browsing through the site and enjoyed what I found. A site all about fig...   read

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