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Ohh...another place where I get to write things about me...awesome. I'm an elementary teacher and currently jobless (hey I'm looking!), I'm actually older than most people think I am, I like...things...I like to do...stuff....umm...I might just do this later if I feel like it :P
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So back a few months I had decided to go ahead and pre-order Momohime ( It seemed like everyone enjoyed her, and she did appeal to me. Since Link had got pushed back to late November - when she was supposed to be re-released, I went ahead and combined Link with Momohime to reduce shipping.

I received a notice this week that she will be delayed...not just a month or two, nooo...a whole year! What?! She's not supposed to be released until winter 2013! -_-;

Yaaay.... *sigh*

(at least I get Link)

Edit: Apparently when I saw the words "Winter 2013" I was assuming the worst -_-;; looks like she will be out in Jan...

I had an idea that I was thinking about doing, but it involved going outside…yeah, that didn’t happen. I also did a book theme and I couldn’t settle on one picture, so you get three. And let’s see who knows what book she’s started reading :)

This set-up took me longer than I planned…hence the late post. All the following pictures are of the same scene, the first one is of the big chaos and the other ones are zoomed in upon selected figures. I could come up with captions for most of them, but I’m leaving them out and letting you think of them this time. Now (after I have made the huge mess), it’s time to pack them all up for my move back to the states!

On to the fun!

You can decide if ASSS Action made it or not…

I really need to stop putting these off until that last minute…though I do come up with some great ideas when I do (well, at least I think so XD)



And the rest:


I had way to much fun with the captions…even though adding captions was a pain and took soooooo long to do. I think I’m getting better at it though!

And here’s a link to all my (unedited) photos for this month: