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sumipai avatar 1:16 PM on 01.07.2013
End of collection Sale!

Hey everyone,

After years of having fun in collecting figures, I've had enough.

I'm selling everything that's left of my figure collection (with the exception of Danbou, Arch Bishop, FFIX Phoenix, Monster hunter kitties and Zelda trading figures)

I'm not quite sure about selling Odin Spheres Mercedes and Gwendolyn, so if you want them, make an offer I can't refuse. I'm really fond of those two.

I accept paypal and will ship international. If you see something you like, drop me a mail @ sumaatje [at] and I'm sure we can arrange something :)

Looking to sell most of them before friday, since I'm leaving on holiday this saturday! So I can still send things on friday :)

PS: Sorry for the rubbish photo, I'm using a work computer and it doesn't even have Paint on it -.-


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