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11:01 AM on 12.20.2011

Monthly MegaPixel: Party of One

I didn't think I would have time to make a mmp this month, but its fun, and I wanted a distraction from exams.

A few days ago...
"I can't wait to see everyone! This will be so much fun!"

The day of the party...
"I should start getting ready, everything needs to be ready incase people show up early!"

"Can't have a xmas part without a tree."

"and xmas treats! Cookie dough truffles alright!"

"They should be here soon."

"I can't belive no one is here yet..."

"Well no use letting a good party go to waste woo!!!"

"I don't need those friends, I can have fun by myself...and of course with you Mr. Gingerbread."

"Hey we are here!"
"Sorry we're late!"

""Dang I feel like we missed a good party."   read

3:09 PM on 12.19.2011

Santa Saterday Entry

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!   read

5:59 PM on 11.27.2011

Monthly MegaPixel!!! Screw the Seasons

Summer is almost over I guess, but I still can appreciate these beautiful flowers while they last. The weather is still beautiful!

What are you doing hanging around here! We need to start the decorating for fall, and start working on our costumes for Halloween.

But but...Where did these leaves come from? What happened to my summer?
From the trees smarty pants. Come on! Hurry up!

Wow your costume looks great, so edgy!
I know right! what are you supposed to be?

An updated version of a voice synthesizer.

Um...ok well either way you look hot! Now lets go get our candy! Hurry before its all gone.

That was a great candy binge! I'm so full I couldn't eat another bite!
Well to bad we need to get prepared for thanksgiving.
What! Already!
Yep now let's go!

Um...I think we got the wrong size turkey. Also I thought I specificallly asked for a pre-dead one.

Wake up! Wake up!
Ung...What's wrong with you?
It's Black Friday duh! We need to shop! The store opens at 4. Hurry! Hurry!

Yawn. So what was such a great deal that you dragged me out here at this hour?
Does it matter? Its a tradition! Come on we need to hurry to get the best deals!
Can't we just get everyone candy or something? I want to go back to bed.

Now that the presents are bought its time to start wrapping woot!

I guess not...well lets finish decorating ! Hey where are you going?

O wow...its so peaceful...

You seem so grumpy lately! Sometimes you just need to stop and take time to appreciate nature you know?


It's cold out come inside quick!

EDIT* on my monitor it helps to tilt the screen in different ways to see some of the brighter or darker pictures.

I played around with outdoor lighting and night shots, so that was interesting. and somewhat crazy.   read

7:17 PM on 10.17.2011

guess what! I made a charlotte plush

I wouldn't cosider any of this spoiler material, but if you are really picky stay away!

DSCF1006 by rivelets
ya i didnt get obsessed with madoka magica at all did i

DSCF1004 by rivelets
she took about a week to make, while I still had classes and was functioning normally (except for a lack of sleep.

DSCF1003 by rivelets
I free handed pretty mucheverything. I drew out the basic shapes on paper to get the sizes right first, and then started cutting.

DSCF1001 by rivelets
by the end I was using even the smallest scraps of some of the colors so I wouldn't have to go get more.

DSCF1007 by rivelets

I also made all of the food she is surrounded by. I started making them last year during christmas break. I'ts a great relaxation tool.

So what do you think? should I mass produce the, and make millions?   read

12:14 PM on 08.02.2011

1st amiami buy?

I really want to get the miku append figma and amiami has it for a good price. I've never ordered internationally besides the support miku nendo (and everyone here know how well thats going.)
so the question is, what are the hidden fees for ordering an import from them? I live in wisconsin, anyone know where i can find info on customs charges or any other taxes? I'm trying to decide if I should keep my order with them, of get it from an american based shop for a higher price.   read

1:03 PM on 07.22.2011

thanks personaspace (mio pics)

She arrived in the mail yesterday and I had to go to work, so heres a few quick pics.

DSCF1338 by rivelets1

She is just beautiful. I don't see any really noticeable defects like in the review here.

DSCF1341 by rivelets1

Look at that face, well what you can see of it. She is absolutely adorable. Her mouth is also super cute even though you can't see it from most angles.

DSCF1345 by rivelets1

I love her from this angle. Her skirt is so floofy and fun, and I don't really see to much paint tranfser on it. I do wish the wire was sculpted, but it looks fine and if you can get it in the right place it would be cool just to know it was real wire.

DSCF1347 by rivelets1

Well here are my only 2 PVC figures. Mio is a pretty good size, but she's still smaller then Taiga. She is really heavy from her big skirt though which I like. I makes her feel like she has substance.
When I saw them together I realized they both have the same leg pose. I think my next figure will have to switch it up.

I really should do a real photoshoot of either of them but work is eating my life right now.   read

10:31 PM on 06.29.2011

breakage! help!

My BRS figma was my first figure. I'm super super careful with all my figures, but I do want to be able to pose the ones that are made to do it. I've never had any trouble with BRS herself, but the 2nd stand they included for the cannon has broken twice.

First the middle joint broke off, so i just unscrewed it to make it shorter, which worked fine for me since i usually kept the cannon in low poses anyway, but my the peg that sticks into the little graby claw just came off :(.

I have super glue that has worked great for me for other things, but it never worked on the stand.Now that its unusable, I need a different option.

So does anyone know a certain brand or type of glue that works really well on things like this? Any secret tricks?

thanks ^_^   read

9:33 PM on 06.16.2011

Monthly Megapixel: In Good, Tiny Hands

The End
I didn't have a chance last month due to finals and moving and all that nonsense, so here is my 2nd attempt at a photoshoot/story.   read

2:35 AM on 04.23.2011

Monthly Megapixel: April Showers Bring Smiling Milk?

Miku has just arrived! Unfortunatly, her first day is dreary and rainy.

So she went to see what BRS was up to.

Not knowing what else to do, Miku attempted to join BRS in meditation.

However, someone else had other plans for the day...

"Rainy days aren't just for sitting around! You need to have some fun!"

So, Miku followed Tsuruya to adventure!

Together they built a massive anime fort.

They played Chess too. Unfortunatly Tsuruya spends to much time watching Code Geass.

And poor Miku suffered. How did they get a magic chess set anyway?

Sweet treats are a critical part of all rainy days to cheer you up!

Tsuruya has the right idea!

Next is some classic video games!

As the day wound down, Miku sat down with a good book. (or rather, on a good book)

Tsuruya had a different plan.

Look who finally woke up..I mean finished her meditation.

"So did youfind anything fun to do Miku?"

Maybe rainy day aren't so bad afterall...but snow in April is just silly!


This was my first time ever taking pictures of my figures, and I have gained a lot of respect for online figure reviews cuz it was hard! Having a lame camera didn't help either lol. Hope you guys like my first attempt at this =^_^=   read

1:01 PM on 04.20.2011

Hi there!

How's it going everyone call me rivelets!

I started collecting figures last fall when I bought the black rock shooter figma! So far I only have her and the waitress tsuruya figma, but I'm waiting for a miku HMO nendo and considering the Miku support version (cuz who can resist miku charity?)

Now I like to spend my free time reading figure reviews and news. Yep I'm hooked. So, I figured I should join a site and this one seemed like the best! Hooray!   read

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