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Hi guys, sorry I haven't been around a lot lately. Been kinda busy with work and other nonsense. That being said my funds have been pretty low lately so I figured it was time to get some stuff sold. I'm providing eBay links and will not be selling through any other means. Sorry, but it's an organizational thing.

Uniform Madoka and PSP Game Limited edition: Link

BRS 2035: Link

Sayaka: Link

Homura: Link

Kyoko: Link

Mami: Link

Madoka: Link
Scaled figures:

Lat Miku: Link (Photos)

Himeji: Link (Photos)

Ayase: Link

Nendoroid Sakura Shinguji: Link

Lat-type Miku arrived yesterday, so I figured I'd throw up some photos here for those who don't follow me on Twitter or G+.

Alright guys, this isn't an official commit to buy post by any means, but I figured since people were pretty enthusiastic about Cheerful Japan's figma Miku that we should at least discuss pricing. Figure cost is 3000 yen while shipping is 2000 yen for up to five. So if all 5 orders are filled that makes the order into 3400 yen per person, shipping to eachother not included. I assume that would have to be worked out with whoever was placing the order.
I've never handled a group buy before, so I'd understand if you guys don't want to run through me. Heck I'm not even sure I could handle it. Still, I figured I'd get the ball rolling to see where this takes us. We have until July 28 to decide what to do.

Update Well that's 5 slots filled, as well as one 6th.

1. PersonaSpace
2. Kyrie
3. Tears4Dragons
4. Counterpunch
5. Tears4Dragon's friend

If you guys could send me a quick email to ilascott AT gmail DOT com I'll discuss other details with you. There's still 1 slot open too so I'd prefer if we filled that as well.

I'm still waiting on email confirmation from Kyrie and Taki.

Also, since there's someone waiting, I'd encourage anyone else to start up their own group buy in case you can find more people who want this figure.

[b]Final Update. I'll be sending details to everyone tomorrow morning.

Sorry, I probably won't get too in depth here, but how does everyone feel about price mark up for items that are out of print? Recently I purchased a copy of Phantasy Star Online Plus for GameCube, and while I managed to snag it at around the mark for a new game, one good luck at GameStop lists the game for a paltry $5 used. You just can't find it within 100 miles of where I live. The game is priced at over $200 on Amazon. Granted maybe I just picked a bad game to go for.
I know it's kinda different when it comes to toys. After all, it even says "Collectible" in Tomopop's subtitle. Lately I've decided that I want to sell one of my figures, who I originally purchased at around $70 new from amiami. I thought I'd take a quick look around on eBay to see what she's going for, and now its in the range of $100-$200. Hell, I even saw a used one going for $150.
Sorry for rambling, but I'll try to wrap this up. Is this the norm? How does everyone else here feel about pricing?

Fun fact! I bought this figure on a whim without knowing what Steins;gate was! Actually I did end up cacelling her at the last minute but I bought her again when I figured "why not?" When collecting scale figures, I try to stick to a series and character that I have at least some familiarity with. Kurisu here is an exception. (Actually I plan on watching the anime eventually.)

That said, photos! (We all love photos, don't we?)

Hey guys look! The white in my light box actually fits with the figure for once!

Danbo was a newcomer to this area. Feeling that perhaps this place needed a guardian, Danbo bravely took up that mantle and declared itself WatchBot of the room!

Charged and ready, Danbo was ready to begin it's first tour of duty as WatchBot.

Danbo's first observation was of Kurisu and Layton. Two intellectuals partaking of mild beverages seemed safe enough. Feeling that the two would be alright, Danbo moved on with its patrol.

Koyomi was in the middle of some gaming while Hitagi and Haruhi watched and subsequently criticized him. Danbo had no idea why they had weapons out, but that this wasn't the best situation to get in the middle of.

Discretion is in fact the better part of valor. Koyomi soon found himself at the mercy of the two women. Thankfully, Danbo had already moved on to its next stop.

Luka and Asakura were about to partake in racing with some of the local wild life.

The Companion Cube assured Danbo that this was a perfectly safe activity and that the two would absolutely not wipeout within the next picture or two. Feeling slightly frightened by the talking cube, Danbo again moved on.

Now this was an odd group. What could possibly have brought together these three enemies?


Having realized that perhaps the room didn't need a WatchBot, Miura decided to return to her area and discard with the carboard persona of hers to just relax. Perhaps it was too soon though.

What the heck?

Maybe this room did need some guidance after all?

But who watches the WatchBot?