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12:35 PM on 12.31.2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you Tomopop! Thank you everyone for being nice to me :P

hopefully I can be more active this year, more comments and blogs. ^w^


10:35 AM on 10.03.2011

Random Photoshoot 1.0

As I mentioned in Twitter, if i wasn't able to submit an MMP entry, i would post these. :)

I didn't realize I had a good spot for taking pics at home. So this is my first time attempting a photoshoot session. =P

(I was kinda disappointed with the Rider figma so I never played around with or posed her very much. Mainly it was the hair and her legs. But i kept her around since I like Rider. :) If Max Factory ever did a remake on this figma with better hair joints, I'd got for it)

(I obviously like Metis..just couldn't help taking different shots of her..She and Aigis are the sexiest figmas for me. Best for posing with her chest and waist joint. I haven't tried making her stand. i have yet to practice.)

(Aigis was my first ever figma 2 years ago, I was in the US at that time and bought her at ebay. As for the Re-Ment umbrella, I'll review it some other time.)

(a closer look)

That's all for now. Hope you likez. :)
Special thanks to my cousin who kindly edited the pics. I had more shots but he said they were bad.. lol   read

10:27 PM on 09.06.2011

Postal taxes for toys just made my day..

Oh man, i think I'm gonna have chest pains after what happened to me today, lol

When picking up my items in the post office here, you usually have to bring the notice they sent over, paypal receipt, and an ID.. and then they'll have to open your package in front of you (for confirmation that you didn't send over drugs or any illegal stuff? what are scanners for??waah)

I brought the paypal receipts before but a personnel checked it out and said that it's okay since the value is only small.. ever since, i never brought paypal receipts anymore, and they always gave me my items without charging me tax aside from the storage fee of P40 (more or less $1).. not bad, neh?

when I picked up my next batch of packages, they suddenly asked for a paypal receipt, saying that they're getting tight on the rules.. (-___-) so I had to come back another day.. how lucky, just when i bought something worth $30.. (-_______-)

today, I came back to pick up my re-ment stuff, i had 3 packages with a total value of P2142 (more or less $50).. The tax was unbelievable! i read about it in some forums, but i thought it only happens when you have items sent via EMS. guess not..

I paid 50% of the total value.. P1074 (tax) + P120 (storage fee)

Wanna see the receipt?


What annoys me most are the fixed charges..and that's for all items regardless of the declared if you bought something for $5, you have $10 tax for it? unless the customs lady feels generous that time.. (-____-)

sigh, no chance of saving money at all. I was planning on buying figmas from Amiami, it's way cheaper, but with this tax thing going on, not a chance.. I just hope they put that tax money to good use. Corruption sucks.

Sorry for my rant, Just need to let it out, lol.. but seriously, i really did have an anxiety thing going on.. I had to take deep breaths to feel better.. and to listen to Sailormoon Moon Cosmic Power Make Up, lol (

I guess I'll have to cut down on buying re-ment and just focus on figmas.. Or I can just visit the US.. >:) have a nice day everyone, i feel better now.. kekekekeke


7:28 PM on 08.30.2011

Monthly Megapixel: Summer Sleepover Party

The K-On girls weren't able to go to the beach this summer.. and someone's not very happy about it.

Yui is sad because it's nearing the end of summer and Keion-bu hasn't done anything fun yet.

YUI: I wanna go to the beach with you, Ui, and make great memories with everyone. =(
UI: It's okay, Nee-chan. We don't have to go to the beach to have fun during summer. We can do something else. =)

MIO: Yeah, there are other fun things we can do.
RITSU: Let's have a sleepover then!

MUGI: That'll be fun! I'll take care of the snacks!
NODOKA: Sounds good. I'll come and help out.

AZUSA: We'll make this the best sleepover ever, Yui-senpai!

YUI: Everyone.. thank you! Alright, we'll have it at our house!

So everyone made their plans and decided to split up...

Yui, Ui and Azusa will get the house ready for the sleepover.

while Ritsu, Mio, Mugi, and Nodoka went to buy the snacks.

Yui's getting a little bit hungry.
YUI: *drool*
AZUSA: Not yet, Yui-senpai. We have to wait for the others.

We're here! =)

YUI: Uwaaaaaaaah...

UI: Here, Nee-chan. =)


- - - - - - - - - - - - -

After their high-sugar meal, they decided to surprise Yui with a beach game, smashing a watermelon, just for fun. =)

GO YUI! You're almost there!

UI: Be careful, Nee-chan!

NODOKA: What's wrong?
MIO: Poor watermelon...
NODOKA: ......?


- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just having fun before going to bed..

YUI: Azunyaaaaaaan! *hugz*
AZUSA: ....
UI: Nee-chan...
MUGI: Mini marshmallows anyone? (mini??? o_O)

Nodoka getting cozy.

Ritsu is teasing Mio again..

... you asked for it...


Whew.. this is my very first post and very first megapixel entry. Hope you liked it. =)

I only took the shots tonight and haven't slept yet.. lol..had a little problem with photobucket. Even though I resized the image, it still came out too big when i posted it here..

Sorry there isn't much of a summer feel to it aside from the watermelon smashing..
I couldn't take a photoshoot outside since my dogs will mess it all up..
I really, really enjoyed doing this.. :) Especially because I was able to use my Re-ment stuff.
Might do another story with different characters next time. =^~^=   read

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