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silent hill nurse build updates

Hello guys . As i have said,am building a 1/6 scale silent hill nurse. Am now half way thru the build.and the shoes took me ages to get right. You can see the photos on photobucket .and i also uploaded a small vid on youtube. Named. Making ...


custom build pyramid head

hi guys am back and this time i decided to custom build ,pyramid head.For the body i used a hm forces action man,as the way the limbs are joint,they r strong and easy to manipulate into d desired position.I then added an extra inch to the l...


my custom build helghast

Hi guys am back and this time am bringing youThe helghast from killzone two.Here you can see my finished helghast gun.And now is ready for primer.The model will have leds for its eyes.Im just buildind d second gun which will go on his back....


custom silent hill nurse

Hi guys.to all u fans of the silent hill games.Im in the middle of building a silent hill nurse.Using a 12inch model of lara croft for the body.As i all ready have a model of lara .and i turned another model of laraInto laras shadow from th...


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