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Kixkillradio Toy Photography collection

Hi Tomopop! 

I'll be sharing my recent toy photography including my recent work (Cu-poche photography) which was also published on Kotobukiya page.

You can head on to my blog for more Cu-Poche photos: Kixkillradio

Below are my photo collection from the past months. ^_^

I've finished watching Tamako Market and figured Yui and Miho looks like her. :D

Balloons with Haruka. <3

This is the Menma figure that I won from Megapixel contest last year. More Menma photoshoot on the link here.

This is Children's Day inspired photo shoot last May. I was surprised when GSC announced that they will have a Red yukata Miku weeks ago for I have a red yukata made for Miku. ;)

Menma of Children's day playing koinobori. Click the link for more Nendoroid Children's Day

This one is a custom dress for Mirai. I borrowed the top and shoes from one of my doll collection and made that skirt for her. Isn't she lovely? :) All details here.

Last month I finally unboxed on of my Miku Scale figure collection - Racing Miku 2011.
Click HERE to see more of her photos. 

K-On nendoroids are my favorite to use for special occasion photos. This one's for Mother's Day. You can see all their cuteness here.

My Saber Zero nendoroid arrived last month and I decided for a night street photography. There's a little incident too which you can read on the link here.

I made another photoshoot of these two Oreimo characters just in time with the 2nd season of the show. ^^ More photos on my blog.

After a year, I finally take photos of my Saber Alter. More photos here.

And lastly, my photobooth-inspired of Hakase and Nano in celebration of Father's Day.

So many good things happened for the past months, I was also interviewed by Tokyo Otaku Mode regarding figure photography. If you like to know the details read on here.

Hopefully more toy photography coming up, you can follow my work in Facebook or my blog. ^_^

Thank you for your time and reading!
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